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Celebrity Sighting: Upper East Side, Manhattan [25 Jul 2007|01:41am]

Today I saw a day laborer wearing the blue & orange Frenchwoods shirt.
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I'm in NY... [05 Jan 2007|06:16pm]

So, I don't know if anyone on here actually knows who I am, because French Woods is a completely different place now, but if you do, I'm in the city for the next seven weeks working. If you want to catch up or grab a cup or something, let me know.

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Spring Awakening [14 Dec 2006|02:09pm]

Hey, all. Haven't posted here in ages...haven't been to French Woods in even longer, but I was reading an article in the New York Times about Duncan Sheik's musical Spring Awakening, and I caught Remy Zaken's name. Pretty exciting stuff (if I am correct in recalling that she went to FWF)!

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[16 Jun 2006|07:38pm]

What's happend to this community?

Surely with the start of summer break, people must be returning to camp?


I wish I was... gotta be all grown-up like this summer with a job and all :(.
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Hazing [24 Mar 2006|02:10pm]
Hello, we are two students at Rochester Institute of Technology currently engaged in an independent study project addressing the issue of hazing. The goal of this project is two-pronged - we wish to discover the prevalence of hazing in the state as well as get your opinion on what should be done about it, if anything.

Under the lj-cut is our survey, which asks a variety of questions about your personal experiences with hazing, and we would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute or two from your time to fill it out really quickly. We even have questions at the beginning for those who have never experienced hazing but wish to share their opinion on the subject. Additionally, each question gives you the option to answer in more detail beyond the choices we have already provided. We encourage you to take advantage of this if you have more include in your answer.

Your responses to this survey are anonymous, so please do not put your name (or any information that would identify you) anywhere on this survey. You may quit the survey at any time and for any reason, or you may decline to answer any of the questions, but your responses to every question are important and we ask that you answer as many of the questions as you possibly can. You may post your answers however you like - under your user name, anonymously, or you may e-mail them to us at hazing.survey@gmail.com. All posts will be screened, so no one except you, us, and the community administrator will be able to see your responses.

Please inform us of any questions, concerns, or feedback you might have. Thank you in advance for your time.

SurveyCollapse )
(X-posted to other New York communities)
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Golden Age of Broadway [15 Mar 2006|03:04pm]

An amazing documentary on the Golden Age of Broadway will be broadcast tonight on PBS at 8pm.
It is informative and witty, and I highly reccomend the movie.

For more information on the movie- to read about it, and watch clips and the trailer, check out:
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Frenchwoods Spottings? [07 Feb 2006|11:46pm]

Two frenchwoods alumns went to the movies yesterday and saw Transamerica.
Besides from being an amazing film, I noticed that one of the supporting characters looked like someone I remembered from Frenchwoods.

Her name, as listed on imdb.com, is Stella Maeve.

Did anyone else recognize a striking similarity?
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What did you think? [05 Feb 2006|01:54pm]

So my friend and I were talking about the article with Zoob in it (http://newyorkmetro.com/news/features/15589/index2.html) and both kinda agreed that it seemed like pretty salacious/irresponsible journalism. I don't really see how a journalist could get so many kids to be so exhibitionist, at least without knowing them personally or writing things from a fly-on-the-wall perspective while actually obtaining the information anecdotally. And all of the "heteroflexible, ambisexual, pansexual" stuff was kind of lame, also. Who honestly thinks about what [insert non-conventional prefix here]-sexual they are?
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[02 Feb 2006|09:20pm]

Anyone read the latest New York Magazine? (The more prominent question in my mind being: does anyone actually pay attention to this community any more?)

If not, a former fw-ite, Nathan Zoob is in the Cover article!

Check it ouuuuttttttt.
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Alumni News [23 Jan 2006|10:05pm]

A Frenchwoods Alumni is going to be starring in an upcoming Feature Film.

Check her out here:

And support Frenchwoods Fraternity!
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[07 Jan 2006|02:28am]

shit happens for broadway musicals
By Alex Simmons

normal: shit happens

Guys and Dolls: i bet you this shit won't happen

Sweeny Todd: let's kill this shit and cook it!

Tommy: shit happens, but you can't hear, see, or say anything about it.

Chorus Line: only eight of you will get to do this shit OR shit happens, then i yell at you for it

West Side Story: shit hapens, and it's all the PR's fault! OR shit happens TONIGHT!

Oklahoma: where the shit comes sweeping down the plain!

Music Man: shit on parade

Wicked: green shit

RENT: shit happens, and now you have AID's OR how are we gonna pay for this shit?

Once On This Island: shit happens cause the gods wanted it to

Man Of La Mancha: i will quest for this shit

Avenue Q: shit happens to puppets

Andrew Loyd Webber: why is everything such shit?

Caberet: shit happens to everyone

Sonhiem: this shit sounds terrible OR this shit is confusing

Pirates Of Penzance: shit happens but it's %90 in song OR shit wont happen to an orphan OR shit happens every four and a half years

Nine: crazy shit

Jekyl and Hyde: two sides to every shit

Candide: This is the Best of All Possible shit OR shit happens around the world

Putnam County 25th Annnual Spelling Bee: shit S-H-I-T shit

Jerry Herman: we've heard this shit before!

Sunday In The Park With George: shit happens in tiny dots OR shit shit shit shit shit shit...

Grease: this shit rocks OR shit with a shitty moral

Gilbert and Sullivan: this is old shit

Parade: shit happens to a jew OR hanging shit

Anything Goes: shit happens at sea

Pajama Game: unionized shit

Phantom Of The Opera: i feel asleep halfway through this shit

How To Succed In Buisness Without Realy Trying: easy shit

Lucky Stiff: shit happens with only ten actors

Company: shit always happens to this guy

Hair: shit happens, lets smoke pot

The Full Monty: shit happens, and you get to see all of it OR long shit

The Producers: shit happens, and we can make money off of it OR when you got it, shit it
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[07 Nov 2005|02:16pm]
Hey Guys.

Since this is a site that is predominantly hit by people who listen to musical theater, a lot of you wont even care. But since so many FrenchWoodies are eclectic in their music taste I thought you might be able to help me settle an argument.
"Who do you prefer My Chemical Romance or The Used???" (if either)
It doesn't matter if your opinion is based on credibility, popularity of just personal taste.

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FRENCH WOODS ON NOGGIN! [16 Oct 2005|07:14pm]

Whoa... remember that show Scardey Camp that they were filming two years ago? Well, maybe I missed it on Nickelodeon, but I just turned onto Noggin, and there it was! The entire cast is made up of older frenchwoodites, and, of course, they filmed it at camp!

They called the lake "lake silverwood."

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Supers for Next Year [11 Oct 2005|07:00pm]

hi, my names kristin alissa joyce guerin-gabrielle the first and ive sadly only attended FWF for the past 2 years.

i was wondering if any1 knew wat was going on with the super CIT stuff next year. carolyn told my best friend Stef and me that we could be supers even though we'd only be 16. i was just wondering because i got the information for next year and it says that u have to be 17...i dont think this was a rule before? does any1 know if theres any getting around it!? lol!

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Yay show spamming [09 Oct 2005|07:45pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

My first show at FWF was "Bye Bye Birdie" in 1999. I was 11 years old. Now I'm 17, and I'm in the show again (same shitty part, too). If anybody would like to come see it, the performance is at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, November 26th, at the Ramaz Upper School (60 East 78th Street, NYC).

It's always fun to see old friends (especially old castmates). I hope to see some of you.


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Timmy K... [08 Oct 2005|12:17pm]

I'm in the city if anyone wants to kick it.
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[27 Sep 2005|10:56pm]

So I'm watching this MTV show called The Reality Show, where contestants try to convince panelists that they should have their own reality show.

Well this kid Nick Roses wants to have a show with the premise being he's a teen with his own talent agency. Tonight he decided he needed a break, and was going to go to summer camp. There was a French Woods T-shirt BLATANTLY sitting in his suitcase.

Anybody know this kid? He said on the show that he was given an office at the summer camp he went to. I can only assume he went to FWF.

By the way for those of you that don't know me, I'm Zach Linder, and I rawk.
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[18 Sep 2005|11:03pm]

Will someone who knows please post the results of the Woodies here?
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[12 Sep 2005|06:08pm]

just curious-

how many people here have/ currently take lessons with Celeste (Simone)?

i had a lesson with her today and she was talking about how she had so man students from french woods.

(if you don't know who this Celeste person is, youre missing out like woah.)
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WOODIES! [10 Sep 2005|11:01pm]

Here's the ballot for the Woodie Awards 2005! Indicate your choices by putting 'XXXX' next to your vote, and email your ballot to Ricky at ryckless5@aol.com, because he and Mogil are doing them. Vote by Bway on Bway, and (i think) they're announcing winners there. Enjoy and congrats to those nominated!

1. Best Musical:
Floyd Collins
Joe! The Musical
The Producers

Best Actor in a Musical:
Alex Charak- Valjean- Les Miserables
David Del Rio- Joe- Joe! The Musical
Brandon Grimes- Javert- Les Miserables
Harris Milgrim- Floyd- Floyd Collins
Matthew Minor- Max- The Producers

Best Supporting Actor in a Musical:
David Estevez- Homer- Floyd Collins
Rich Miron- Noah- Joe! The Musical
Alex Mogil- Mereb- Aida
Benny Oyama- Roger- The Producers
Ricky Schweitzer-Skeets- Floyd Collins

Best Actress in a Musical:
Sharon Halevy- Aida- Aida
Elyssa Mactas- Rose- Gypsy
Natalie Peyser- Eliza- My Fair Lady
Sarah Radov- Ruth- Wonderful Town
Arielle Smellkinson- Charity- Sweet Charity

Best Supporting Actress in a Musical:
Maggie Brennan- Tessie Tura- Gypsy
Sara Kapner- Eponine- Les Miserables
Charly Klinman- June- Gypsy
Elyssa Mactas- Amneris- Aida
Natalie Peyser- Cosette- Les Miserables

Best Director:
Chris Bamonte- Sweet Charity
Jon Gellert- Floyd Collins
Jeff Maynard- Joe! The Musical
Ron Schaefer- My Fair Lady
Beth Schaefer- Gypsy

Best Ensemble:
Joe! The Musical
My Fair Lady

Best Solo Male Performance:
Alex Charak- Bring Him Home from Les Miserables
David Del Rio- Joe’s Turn from Joe! The Musical
Brandon Grimes- Stars from Les Miserables
Harris Milgrim- The Call from Floyd Collins
Ricky Schweitzer- I’m Free from The Who’s Tommy

Best Solo Female Performance:
Sharon Halevy- Easy As Life from Aida
Sara Kapner- On My Own from Les Miserables
Elyssa Mactas- Rose’s Turn from Gypsy
Natalie Peyser- Just You Wait from My Fair Lady
Arielle Smellkinson- If They Could See Me Now from Sweet Charity

Best Orchestra:
Les Miserables
The Who’s Tommy

Best Dance Number:
The Fruge- Sweet Charity
Gotta Get a Gimmick- Gypsy
Dance of the Robe- Aida

Best Duet or Trio:
The Riddle Song- David Estevez and Harris Milgrim from Floyd Collins
The Lover’s Duet- Lindsay Spangenthal from Joe! The Musical
A Little Fall of Rain- Ben Moss and Sara Kapner from Les Miserables
Baby Dream Your Dream- Charly Klinman and Kimmy Hirst from Sweet Charity
There’s Gotta Be Something Better Then This- Charly Klinman, Kimmy Hirst, and Arielle Smellkinson from Sweet Charity

Best Production Number:
One Day More- Les Miserables
Inexplicable Chorus Number- Joe! The Musical
My Strongest Suit- Aida
Big Spender- Sweet Charity
Rhythm of Life- Sweet Charity

Best Breakthrough Male in a Musical:
Harris Milgrim- Floyd Collins
Brandon Grimes- Les Miserables
Max Lazar- The Who’s Tommy
Ryan Jacobs- Gypsy
David Del Rio- Joe! The Musical

Best Breakthrough Female in a Musical:
Sara Kapner- Les Miserables
Sarah Radov- Wonderful Town
Arielle Smellkinson- Sweet Charity
Jessica Spar- Wonderful Town
Amanda De LaGuardia- Floyd Collins

Best Set:
Beauty and the Beast
My Fair Lady
Floyd Collins
Joe! The Musical

Best Lighting:
Floyd Collins
Joe! The Musical
The Who’s Tommy
Les Miserables

Best Middle Campus Musical:
Damn Yankees
Anything Goes


Best Drama:
Little Voice
The Shape of Things
Anne Frank
Comedy of Errors

Best Actor:
Tom Wolfson- Honour
Hobbes Kaufman- Little Voice
Harris Milgrim- Anne Frank
Ricky Schweitzer- The Shape of Things
Danny Tenzer- Moonchildren

Best Actress:
Bonnie Swencionis- Honour
Dannie Stoller- Little Voice
Kimberly Hirst- Little Voice
Lexi Braverman- Anne Frank
Jacqui Jarrold- The Shape of Things

Best Supporting Actor:
Danny Tenzer- Comedy of Errors
Marty Cohen- Comedy of Errors
Benny Oyama- Little Voice
Stephen Simbari- Moonchildren
Matthew Pinto- Moonchildren

Best Supporting Actress:
Kat Haas- Honour
Lexi Braverman- Honour
Jackie Mitgang- Anne Frank
Jessica Spar- The Shape of Things
Laura Deutsch- Anne Frank

Best Director:
Dan Marzolo- Comedy of Errors
Michael McCollough- Honour
Jeffery Maynard- Little Voice
Beth Schaefer- The Shape of Things
Matthew Herrmann- Anne Frank

Best Breakthrough Performance (Male):
Stephen Simbari- Moonchildren
Ricky Schweitzer- The Shape of Things
Harris Milgrim- Anne Frank

Best Breakthrough Performance (Female):
Kat Haas- Honour
Jessica Spar- The Shape of Things
Kimberly Hirst- Little Voice
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