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Supers for Next Year

hi, my names kristin alissa joyce guerin-gabrielle the first and ive sadly only attended FWF for the past 2 years.

i was wondering if any1 knew wat was going on with the super CIT stuff next year. carolyn told my best friend Stef and me that we could be supers even though we'd only be 16. i was just wondering because i got the information for next year and it says that u have to be 17...i dont think this was a rule before? does any1 know if theres any getting around it!? lol!

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hi kristin.

don't worry, they really don't care. I was a super when I was 16 back in 2003. no worries, trust me!

i think the rule is pretty flexible, but technically its been around for a while...
I believe that this year, Ron is holding strong to the 17 rule... This is something that he has mentioned to me, and I furthermore believe it because he has turned down some long-time campers that want to be supers that are only 16. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
i was a 16 old super in 04 and 17 in 05 and i knew a few 16 year olds last year. i think it would be fine despite what jrbfreak said. if you call, and explain, they will probably say yes. however your short time attending fwf may be a factor (i had been at camp 5 years before i became a super)
Say what you like... but just don't be dissapointed... my information has come less than a week ago from Ron, Beth, and a girl who is very popular with them and has been a longtime camper.
i wqas a 16 year old super so yeah flexible. but um ron may be stricter with girls.
LOL!!! stricter with true! lol
also a lot of 17 year olds are going to be supers
basically all of gsl4 and catherine shwarts and kelsey shepard
thanks guys! ill check in with stef and call the camp! :)
i'm only 16 and i'm all set to super next summer (septembah bdayz what whaaaaat) talked to isaac about it...i'm going into senior year next year, and apparently isaac thinks i'm super mature haha plus when i said it was the only way i was going back to camp next summer...
5th summer woot

signnnn it onnn up, you know what, if they say you can't just fight your way into superdom.

good luck! ;)

elisabeth youngdahl.

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on the sign up form it says you need to be staying atleast sixweeks to be even a first year CIT. is this definitely true?
Any supers from last year get paid yet?

Whats going on with that? I could use the 300 bucks. Bad.