A Life story, like no other. (spellbinder87) wrote in frenchwoods,
A Life story, like no other.

shit happens for broadway musicals
By Alex Simmons

normal: shit happens

Guys and Dolls: i bet you this shit won't happen

Sweeny Todd: let's kill this shit and cook it!

Tommy: shit happens, but you can't hear, see, or say anything about it.

Chorus Line: only eight of you will get to do this shit OR shit happens, then i yell at you for it

West Side Story: shit hapens, and it's all the PR's fault! OR shit happens TONIGHT!

Oklahoma: where the shit comes sweeping down the plain!

Music Man: shit on parade

Wicked: green shit

RENT: shit happens, and now you have AID's OR how are we gonna pay for this shit?

Once On This Island: shit happens cause the gods wanted it to

Man Of La Mancha: i will quest for this shit

Avenue Q: shit happens to puppets

Andrew Loyd Webber: why is everything such shit?

Caberet: shit happens to everyone

Sonhiem: this shit sounds terrible OR this shit is confusing

Pirates Of Penzance: shit happens but it's %90 in song OR shit wont happen to an orphan OR shit happens every four and a half years

Nine: crazy shit

Jekyl and Hyde: two sides to every shit

Candide: This is the Best of All Possible shit OR shit happens around the world

Putnam County 25th Annnual Spelling Bee: shit S-H-I-T shit

Jerry Herman: we've heard this shit before!

Sunday In The Park With George: shit happens in tiny dots OR shit shit shit shit shit shit...

Grease: this shit rocks OR shit with a shitty moral

Gilbert and Sullivan: this is old shit

Parade: shit happens to a jew OR hanging shit

Anything Goes: shit happens at sea

Pajama Game: unionized shit

Phantom Of The Opera: i feel asleep halfway through this shit

How To Succed In Buisness Without Realy Trying: easy shit

Lucky Stiff: shit happens with only ten actors

Company: shit always happens to this guy

Hair: shit happens, lets smoke pot

The Full Monty: shit happens, and you get to see all of it OR long shit

The Producers: shit happens, and we can make money off of it OR when you got it, shit it
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