Jordan (littleozzyman) wrote in frenchwoods,

What did you think?

So my friend and I were talking about the article with Zoob in it ( and both kinda agreed that it seemed like pretty salacious/irresponsible journalism. I don't really see how a journalist could get so many kids to be so exhibitionist, at least without knowing them personally or writing things from a fly-on-the-wall perspective while actually obtaining the information anecdotally. And all of the "heteroflexible, ambisexual, pansexual" stuff was kind of lame, also. Who honestly thinks about what [insert non-conventional prefix here]-sexual they are?
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I think a lot of people think about what prefix-sexual they are. I certainly did when I was in highschool, and when I was discovering and creating my own identity. I became a little joke at Frenchwoods for telling people that I was pansexual (not wanting to identify as bisexual because I believe there are more than two kinds of people to love/be sexual with).

It was pretty salacious, but the journalism seemed pretty thorough. At least in the richer areas of New York, that kind of sexual definition seems pretty prevalent- but I'm only really privy to it through my work with GLBTQ organizations. If I had gone to high school a little earlier, or not become involved in the crusade, I could not have really known about what was going on.

Is it serious journalism about pressing news? No. But does it help paint a portrait of American life now? Certainly- and public interest is often in stories about varying niches of the public.

As for the journalist breaking standards of journalistic integrity (which you implied by saying there was either a personal bond, or that the story was based on anecdotal comments only), that's a serious charge. I wouldn't charge the journalist with that without more sufficient proof. I think it is certainly possible that once the teens found a non-judgemental adult who was honestly interested in listening to what they had to say, they could feel free to act normally. Personal experience has taught me that.

Maybe people really do identify with the myriad of terms created for bisexual, I guess I just found it pretty hard not to laugh when the article made it seem like these teens were serious about their heteroflexibility. It's just so... trendy, I guess.

I see that you're right, that I do have to give the journalist the benefit of the doubt when it comes to the integrity of the article, but perhaps a short statement somewhere in the article about how the journalist approached these teens would have been appropriate.
(For example, consider the opening picture... it's pretty reasonable to be suspicious of the journalist's objectivity when Molly is so nonchalantly feeling up Alair.)
There are some people who do say it to be trendy or hip, but there's usually just as many people who take it seriously. Though it's sort of like saying, "o waow! i luv the taliban! death 2 america! omg!" Maybe it's like that. I'm not too sure. ^_^

I'd like to say that NY journalists are usually legit (spoken as a true nationalist), but some of the NY Times journalists are sketchy. Lol
Jordan, what about people who don't identify as either gender and the people who love them? They don't always feel included in the term bisexual, even though it may have been meant to be encompassing.
(Sorry, tenses there were awkward.)

I'm sure you can write to the journalist and ask respectfully how they approched the teens. Or maybe even ask Zoob.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense... gender identification does complicate things a bit more.

And all of the "heteroflexible, ambisexual, pansexual" stuff was kind of lame, also. Who honestly thinks about what [insert non-conventional prefix here]-sexual they are?

Plenty of people. I'm not one of 'em, but terms like 'heteroflexible' and 'pansexual' aren't too uncommon.
Heh, down here in Florida, whenever a bisexual/homosexual/heterosexual claims s/he is "pansexual," everyone just kind of chuckles and wishes that person would stop trying to act so trascendental and just tell their actual orientation.

By the way, do you know if that Molly mentioned in the article was the one that went to FWF two years ago? I was pretty good friends with her, though we've lost contact ever since...I know that she was into Zoob, but I have no idea if she went to the same school as him. The picture on the website looks a lot like her, but one can never be certain.

That's unfortunate. It's pretty much counted among other orientations up here.

I'm not sure. I haven't spoken to her in awhile as well. It might be. :)
I don't consider it that unfortunate... I still think all of those other terms are pretty silly. Is "bisexual" really that constricting of a term? I mean, either your only into girls, guys, or both---what's the point in inventing a bunch of terms that really mean the same thing? Bisexual doesn't demand that you have an equal interest in both genders---it can be as "heteroflexible" of a term as you want it to be.

Anyway, I'm now on a mission to find out if that's the Molly I think it is...

*shifty eyes* They're not euphemisms, they're seperate terms. If you're bisexual, then you're attracted to both sexes equally. If you're heteroflexible, you're attracted to primarily the opposite sex, but you're open to your own gender. There's loads of terms you can use and when you lump a group of people together, it's damn near impossible to say 'you can only like one of three'. It's a big big mess of confusion.

spreadsothin knows loads more about this than I do, but it's not fair to call someone's belief 'trendy' when it's what they feel comfortable in. Saying you can only fit into one of three categories, is sort of, dare I say, conservative. ^.-

Good luck! Be sure to tell us if it is her!
Haha, conservative interpretations of sexual orientations...


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ehh, i dunno. it would not dare to call someones beliefs 'trendy' unless i knew the person well enough. but i do think we complicate matters with all of these stupid word we create to satisfy everyones different desires. i'm about as open-minded as they come, but come on, i don't realy feel like spending hours memorizing all these terms and making sure i correctly identify everyone, i've got better things to do.

and for the question of how this particular journalist got to close to the kids and all. we don't know what kind of work was done before he/she started writting about them, the journalist could have been hanging around them for weeks gaining there trust, we don't know what happened before.
It's occurred to me recently that "labeling" people and then treating them differently because of their sexual orientation is something that is becoming more and more restricted to middle and high school, or to the older generation. I'm in college now, and not only are people very open about their preferences, but there are even floors in most dorms where, if they so desire, they can live with other gay/bi/lesbians. And of course, if they'd rather live in a different dorm, or even off campus, they can do that too.

But seriously? I don't see why anyone would make a big deal out of it. Quite a number of my close friends are gay/lesbian/bi, one is even transsexual which I personally think is pretty cool. She had the courage to undergo surgery because she wasn't at home in the body she was born with.
come on anyone whos knows zoob can just sit back and laugh at this article. it just sounds like any other typical fw group of friends. i mean come on that place is the "summer of love fest" on steroids, its hard to tell who isnt doing who or what. but i agree that this journalist is takeing a very ethnocentric look at the lives of some of these teens. And shes takeing things that most of us would joke about in camp with our squed sense of humor. like the you can have my baby comment. of ill birthit for you cause if you tell it im its parent it will be scared for life. come on we would all laugh about that shit, but she seems to think these are serious conversations. anyway big ups to ya zoob, and anyone elsewho i know who reads this.