love, me (spreadsothin) wrote in frenchwoods,
love, me

Celebrity Sighting: Upper East Side, Manhattan

Today I saw a day laborer wearing the blue & orange Frenchwoods shirt.
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wow. that's a strange sighting. how're you doing?
I am doing fantastically, darling, planning all manner of mini-adventures with my sidekick of a fabulous lover.

We're going to Philly the weekend of August 25th- My aunt's out 45 minutes to the west, and she mentioned that she's near your parents house.

Are you going to be back at school in Philly? Would you want to meet up with me and the beau when we're in town?

Let me know, gorgeous.
I miss hearing what's up with your life.
Awww I'd be so nostalgic. I wear my staff shirts around the house sometimes. :)