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French Woods

Festival of the Arts

FWF Forum
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FWF Forum is a community for those who are connected with the Frenchwoods Festival of Performing Arts. It is currently an open community.

Frenchwoods Festival is an amazing performing arts camp for artists aged seven to seventeen. Located on a beautiful lake in upstate NY, this camp encourages artistic development through incredible programming in theatre (especially musical theatre!), dance, circus, music, magic, visual arts, and sports such as skating, horseback riding and tennis. Fly on a trapeze, learn stained glass, and still have time to focus on what you love and swim in the lake. Frenchwoods alumni love this place with good reason.

**Please introduce yourself in your first post, with your name and what summers you attended. You may wish to elaborate by saying what activities you enjoyed, or which shows you performed in.**

You may not make significantly disruptive posts in this journal. This includes posts which have coding that will significantly alter format of livejournal friends' pages, posts which violate the Livejournal Terms of Service, or anything percieved as significantly disruptive by the moderator.

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